IOM Old Design

This boat is approximately 15 years old, but it is still an IOM. It was built by Blowfly Yachts who are in Mona Vale NSW. I was originally a Kiwi so it has some NZL markings on it. I sailed the boat only about 10 times on Pittwater. The sail winch is an RMG (I don’t know which model but probably 290G1). The rudder servo is a Futaba 53003. Both these items appear to be working OK, I tried them today (Wednesday 19th April). The receiver in the boat is an Orange 6 channel DMS2. The picture shows a 2s 950mAh Lipo battery which I can throw in. As I am also into RC aircraft, I use my transmitters for the planes, so it does not come with a radio. I suggest you by a second hand Spektrum DX6i off RC Trader, they often pop up for a very reasonable price (the DX6i is a computer radio, lots of adjustments). There is only one rig for the boat, but it does come with a plastic rig box (needs some work on the closures) The deck patches are just loosely tagged on with pieces of masking tape (to keep the spiders out) I can be contacted email or mobile 0417 686 640. I live at Lisarow on the Central Coast.
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